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BE- Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering Association, named Avishkaar is formed to encourage the students to take part in co-curricular activities. Avishkaar was formally inaugurated on 16th September 2010 by two eminent Civil engineering Professionals. They were Dr. Ramachandra, The General manager of Grasim Industries (Cement Division) and Dr. K. N. Venkata Krishna Rao, who was the Former Registrar of Kuvempu University and Rajiv Gandhi University. Our chief Guest, Dr. Ramachandra enlightened the students by speaking about the Life and Times of Sir M. Visveswaraya.

Avishkaar conducted the next technical talk on 8th April 2010. The Seminar was on “Beauty of Civil Engineering”, given by Mr. B.S. Chandrashekar Rao, a leading Consultant Engineer. His talk had thrown light into all those spectacular designs of various Civil engineering Structures and thus created an enthusiasm in the fresh mind of our young student fraternity.

Mr. A. R. Shivakumar. Principal Investigator Rain Water Harvesting, Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, had given an enlightening technical talk on Rain Water Harvesting on 28th August 2010.

A Technical Quiz and Paper presentation competition had also been organized in the name of Avishkaar, which has come out as a great success with good participation. We intend to conduct many more programs like this and encourage students to participate in such activities, which will boost his/her moral, and acquire knowledge in various fields in addition to his/her academic learning. Thus we aim at upbringing good professionals by nurturing their talents together with academics.

The Department is actively involved in the testing and consultancy of Construction materials. The department is having very good Material testing and Geotechnical laboratory which caters to the needs of the consultancy services.

Academic Activities:

  • Dr. K.U.Muthu, Dean Academic delivered a keynote speech in the International conference in Civil Engg., Reva Institute of Technology, Bengaluru in Sep-2011.
  • Dr. K.U.Muthu, has been appointed as a member of BOS of PES, Mandya for PG studies as VTU nominee.

Sports AND Cultural Activities:

  • Mr. Prathik N of 4rd Semester Civil has been selected to play cricket for Jawahar Sport Club, in the tournament conducted by Karnataka State Cricket Association.
  • Mr. Lachchu Jadav, 4th Semester Civil has represented University in the Athletic team to participate in the inter-university All India Competitions
  • Our College Football team participated in the University Inter-collegiate Football tournament held at Dt. TTTIT, Kolar.
  • Annual Sports Day was organized on 23rd September 2010.

Course Content

Subject Code Subject
15MAT11 Engineering Mathematics - I
15PHY12 Engineering Physics
15CIV13 Elements of Civil Engg. & Engineering Mechanics
15EME14 Elements of Mechanical Engg
15ELE15 Basic Electrical Engg.
15WSL16 Workshop Practice
15PHYL17 Engg. Physics Lab
15CHP18 Constitution of India, Professional Ethics & Human Rights (CPH)
Lang (kan)
Subject Code Subject
15MAT11 Engineering Mathematics - I
15CHE12 Engineering Chemistry
15PCD13 Programming C & Datastructures
15CED14 Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
15ELN15 Basic Electronics
15CPL16 Computer Programming Lab
15CHEL17 Engineering Chemistry Lab
15CIV18 Environmental Studies
Language (Eng.)
Subject Code Subject
15MAT21 Engineering Mathematics - II
15PHY22 Engineering Physics
15CIV23 Elements of Civil Engg. & Engineering Mechanics
15EME24 Elements of Mechanical Engg
15ELE25 Basic Electrical Engg.
15WSL26 Workshop Practice
15PHYL27 Engg. Physics Lab
15CPH28 Constitution of India , Professional Ethics & Human Rights
Subject Code Subject
15MAT21 Engineering Mathematics - II
15CHE22 Engineering Chemistry
15PCD23 Programming in C & Data Structures
15CED24 Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
15ELN25 Basic Electronics
15CPL26 Computer Programming Lab
15CHEL27 Engg. Chemistry Lab
15CIV28 Environmental Studies
III Semester
Subject Code Subject
15CV31 Engineering Mathematics III
15CV32 Strength of Materials
15CV33 Fluid Mechanics
15CV34 Basic Surveying
15CV35 Engineering Geology
15CV36 Building Materials and Construction
15CVL37 Building Materials Testing Laboratory
15CVL38 Basic Surveying Practice
Subject Code Subject
15CV41 Engineering Mathematics IV
15CV42 Analysis of Determinate Structures
15CV43 Applied Hydraulics
15CV44 Concrete Technology
15CV45 Basic Geotechnical Engineering
15CV46 Advanced Surveying
15CVL47 Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Laboratory
15CVL48 Engineering Geology Laboratory
Subject Code Subject
10AL51 Management & Entrepreneurship
10CV52 Design Of RCC Structural Elements
10CV53 Structural Analysis II
10CV54 Geotechnical Engineering I
10CV55 Hydrology And Irrigation Engineering
10CV56 Transportation Engineering- I
10CVL57 Hydraulics And Hydraulics Machinery Laboratory
10CVL58 Computer Aided Design Laboratory
Subject Code Subject
10CV61 Environmental Engineering-I
10CV62 Design & Drawing Of RC Structures
10CV63 Transportation Engineering II
10CV64 Geotechnical Engineering II
10CV65 Hydraulic Structures & Irrigation Design-Drawing
10CV666 Rural Water Supply And Sanitation
10CV667 Traffic Engineering
10CVL67 Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
10CVL68 Extensive Survey Viva - Voce
Subject Code Subject
10CV71 Environmental Engineering II
10CV72 Design Of Steel Structures
10CV73 Estimation & Valuation
10CV74 Design Of Pre-Stressed Concrete Structures
10CV757 Solid Waste Management
10CV763 Pavement Materials And Construction
10CVL77 Environmental Engineering Laboratory
10CVL78 Concrete And Highway Materials Laboratory
Subject Code Subject
10CV81 Advanced Concrete Technology
10CV82 Design and Drawing of Steel Structures
10CV833 Pavement Design
10CV847 Environmental Impact Assessment
10CV85 Project Work
10CV86 Seminar


Event Odd Semester Even Semester
Commencement of the term August February
I Internal Test September March
II Internal Test October April
III Internal Test November May
University Examination December June

Academic Activities:

Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Guest Lectures, Skill Development activities, Industrial visit & Placement Training.

Teaching Hours:

Theory 4Hrs/Subject/Week


University(VTU) examination will be held twice in an academic year in Dec/Jan for odd semester and in the month of June/July for even semesters.

Theory External Internal AssECsment Total Marks
Duration Max. Marks Max. Marks
3 Hrs. 100 25 125
Laboratory External Internal AssECsment Total Marks
Duration Max. Marks Max. Marks
3 Hrs. 50 25 75

Scheme of Evaluation:

As per University(VTU).