Admission Open for 2017-18

BE - Information Science & Engineering

About the Course:

  • To facilitate constructing fundamental knowledge of computer science and also Advanced Programming concepts and Techniques among students
  • To enhance the necessary Skills in the area if Information Science thorough study and experimenting
  • To help students in solving both the hardware and software problems by instilling deeper understanding of computer systems
  • To prepare students to be competent enough to meet the expectations of the industry
  • To instill the spirit of research among students in the concerned area


The degree course abbreviated as B.E. is of four year full-time course comprising of eight Semesters of sixteen weeks each.


  • A good pass in the pre-university or XII standard or equivalent examination recognized by the university. However the candidate shall have secured 45% marks in the aggregate with Physics and mathematics as compulsory subjects along with one of the following subjects, namely, Chemistry, Bio-Technology, Computer Science, Biology and Electronics.
  • For SC/ST and OBC candidates : Minimum marks for the SC/ST and OBC candidates of Karnataka in optional subjects is 40% provided that the candidate shall have studied and passed English as one of the subjects.

Course Content

Subject Code Subject
15MAT11 Engineering Mathematics - I
15PHY12 Engineering Physics
15CIV13 Elements of Civil Engg. & Engineering Mechanics
15EME14 Elements of Mechanical Engg
15ELE15 Basic Electrical Engg.
15WSL16 Workshop Practice
15PHYL17 Engg. Physics Lab
15CHP18 Constitution of India, Professional Ethics & Human Rights (CPH)
Lang (kan)
Subject Code Subject
15MAT11 Engineering Mathematics - I
15CHE12 Engineering Chemistry
15PCD13 Programming C & Datastructures
15CED14 Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
15ELN15 Basic Electronics
15CPL16 Computer Programming Lab
15CHEL17 Engineering Chemistry Lab
15CIV18 Environmental Studies
Language (Eng.)
Subject Code Subject
15MAT21 Engineering Mathematics - II
15PHY22 Engineering Physics
15CIV23 Elements of Civil Engg. & Engineering Mechanics
15EME24 Elements of Mechanical Engg
15ELE25 Basic Electrical Engg.
15WSL26 Workshop Practice
15PHYL27 Engg. Physics Lab
15CPH28 Constitution of India , Professional Ethics & Human Rights
Subject Code Subject
15MAT21 Engineering Mathematics - II
15CHE22 Engineering Chemistry
15PCD23 Programming in C & Data Structures
15CED24 Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
15ELN25 Basic Electronics
15CPL26 Computer Programming Lab
15CHEL27 Engg. Chemistry Lab
15CIV28 Environmental Studies
III Semester
Subject Code Subject
15CS31 Engineering Mathematics - III
15CS32 Analog and Digital Electronics
15CS33 Data Structures and Applications
15CS34 Computer Organization
15CS35 Discreet Mathematical Structures
15CS361 Unix and Shell Programming
115CSL37 Analog and Digital Electronics Laboratory
15CSL38 Data Structures with C Laboratory
Subject Code Subject
15MAT41 Engineering Mathematics IV
15CS42 Software Engineering
15CS43 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
15CS44 Microprocessors And Micro Controllers
15CS45 Object Oriented Concepts
15CS46 Data Communication
15CSL47 Design And Analysis Of Algorithms Laboratory With C++
15CSL48 Microprocessors And Micro Controller Laboratory
Subject Code Subject
10IS51 Software Engineering
10CS52 System Software
10CS53 Operating System
10CS54 Database Management Systems
10CS55 Computer Networks I
10CS561 Formal Languages & Automata Theory
10CSL57 Database Applications Laboratory
10CSL58 System Software & Operating Systems Laboratory
Subject Code Subject
10AL61 Management And Entrepreneurship
10CS62 Unix System Programming
10IS63 File Strucure
10CS64 Computer Networks II
10IS65 Software Testing
10IS666 Programming Languages
10ISL67 File Structure lab
10ISL68 Software Testing Laboratory
Subject Code Subject
10CS71 Object Oriented Modeling & Design
10IS72 Information Systems
10CS73 Programming the Web
10IS74 Data Warehousing & Data Mining
10IS753 JAVA & J2EE
10IS761 / 10ISL765 C# / SAN C# Programming & .Net / Storage Area Networks
15CSL77 Networks Laboratory
15CSL78 Web Programming Laboratory
Subject Code Subject
10IS81 Software Architecture
10CS82 System Modelling And Simulation
10IS835 Information And Network Security
10IS841 Adhoc Networks
10IS85 Project Work
10IS86 Seminar


Event Odd Semester Even Semester
Commencement of the term August February
I Internal Test September March
II Internal Test October April
III Internal Test November May
University Examination December June

Academic Activities:

Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Guest Lectures, Skill Development activities, Industrial visit & Placement Training.

Teaching Hours:

Theory 4Hrs/Subject/Week


University(VTU) examination will be held twice in an academic year in Dec/Jan for odd semester and in the month of June/July for even semesters.

Theory External Internal AssECsment Total Marks
Duration Max. Marks Max. Marks
3 Hrs. 100 25 125
Laboratory External Internal AssECsment Total Marks
Duration Max. Marks Max. Marks
3 Hrs. 50 25 75

Scheme of Evaluation:

As per University(VTU).